Ranking 1st in Asia in powerlifting (under 74kg category), Clinton is a full-time coach with over 10 years of experience and a national athlete. He has represented Singapore in the Annual World Championships in the IPF in the last 10 years.

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Starting with strongman training, Goo Yong transitioned to powerlifting and coaching, earning certifications in personal training, nutrition, and strength coaching. Passionate about empowering clients, he emphasizes education and self-sufficiency in their fitness journey.

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In Singapore, fitness is commonly linked to aerobic exercises such as running and swimming, leaving a void in anaerobic-focused workouts. While these activities provide benefits, there is limited exposure to anaerobic exercises, particularly resistance training, which is crucial for overall fitness according to scientific research.

Elevate the Barbell Club aims to inspire the Singaporean community to prioritize strength training, recognizing its importance in maintaining physical health and longevity, including bone density improvement.

We advocate for incorporating strength training principles into individuals' fitness routines.

Whether the goal is weight loss, muscle gain, strength enhancement, or overall fitness improvement, strength training exercises help develop better motor patterns, enhance body awareness, and improve mobility for performing daily tasks with ease and safety.

As individuals become proficient in strength training, utilizing a range of equipment from bodyweight exercises to barbells, they not only become stronger but also gain a deeper understanding of their bodies, enabling more efficient management of their center of mass and facilitating ease in daily activities.

Join us now and embark on this transformative journey!