Following a frightening experience with seizures during a friendly football match at the age of 17, Clinton realized that physical fitness required more than just cardiovascular endurance—it also necessitated building muscle mass to become stronger.

Upon his recovery, he immersed himself in strength training, which quickly evolved into a profound passion. As he worked to increase muscle mass, he found himself drawn to lifting heavy weights with a barbell, sparking a deep interest in strength sports like strongman competitions and powerlifting.

Throughout his late teens and early twenties, Clinton actively participated in these strength sports, which led him to a profound realization: fitness and strength training not only enhance physical strength but also cultivate discipline and responsibility.

By prioritizing nutrition, rest, and adhering to a proper training regimen, Clinton transformed himself into a systematic and efficient individual. He is driven to inspire others to engage in strength training, firmly believing in its transformative potential to improve lives.

With his team, Clinton developed Elevate's flagship program, the Basic Strength Course. This course aims to instill proper training habits in newcomers to the gym, serving as an essential prerequisite for ongoing training and gradual self-transformation.

For nearly a decade, Clinton has been actively involved in powerlifting competitions. Recognized as Asia's top lifter in 2019, he boasts numerous medals, national records, and Asian records. Committed to his competitive journey, Clinton aims to prolong his involvement in powerlifting for as long as possible.

Additionally, Clinton holds the esteemed position of President at Powerlifting Singapore, a branch affiliated with the International Powerlifting Federation.