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In this class, learn all there is know about barbell training. The perfect place to start your barbell journey.


1-1 customised and progressive training under the experienced eyes of our coaches.


Frustrated about what to do to ensure progress? Leave the planning to us as you focus on execution.



I came across powerlifting in early 2018 and decided to look for a powerlifting coach and gym. Hence, I came across Elevate and Coach Clinton in August 2018.

Coach Clinton has taught and guided me through the basic techniques of the three lifts.

I used to suffer from a lot of lifting related injuries in the past due to improper form and techniques.What impresses me the most is his patience in coaching me.

Under his guidance and supervision, I have not been injured since and have seen tremendous improvement in my lifting technique.

Thank you so much Coach Clinton!

Wai Kit

When I first approached Elevate, Wei Bin arranged a consultation session to help me clarify my goal, workout plan and diet plan.

Despite his young age, Wei Bin is an experienced and knowledgeable personal trainer. Whenever I felt like giving up, he would encourage me to give it one last try. Besides working out, we would share about personal life experiences. His friendly approach made training sessions all the more engaging.

In addition, Wei Bin was very creative to incorporate various exercises into the training program. So that as a beginner it did not feel repeatitive. This, in turn, motivated me to look forward to every training session.

After 24 sessions, I felt an increase in my upper body strength, felt more energetic throughout my day and slept well during the night. Thank you Wei Bin for your guidance and motivation.

Yu Fan

Hayley is more than meets the eye. She constantly pushes me to my limits, and challenges me to aim for higher goals.

Under her training, in three months, my bench pressing had improved tremendously in terms of both strength and form.

She is also very open to trying out new exercises and training ideas when I see them on Instagram.

All in all, I really enjoy the training with Hayley!