With nearly a decade of experience in online coaching and personal training, Clinton has guided numerous athletes on their fitness journeys. Not only is he a coach, but he also serves as the President of Powerlifting Singapore, affiliated with the International Powerlifting Federation, and boasts a rich background as an international powerlifter, earning the title of Asia's best lifter in 2019.

Clinton Lee

Clinton excels in assisting athletes in refining their technique for the squat, bench press, and deadlift. He believes that by tailoring education to each athlete's strengths and leverages, they can develop positive thought processes to independently refine their technique and maximize efficiency during training sessions.

Effective communication is paramount in online training for Clinton. He values engaging in constructive conversations with athletes to understand their needs and preferences, creating an environment where athletes feel comfortable providing feedback on their training experiences.

Clinton's programming approach is highly adaptable, based on the athlete's responses and feedback. By adhering to these principles, he adjusts and refines training methods in a block-to-block manner to provide athletes with the most effective stimulus during each session.


Clinton appreciates athletes who demonstrate a commitment to learning and progressing, taking proactive and responsible approaches to their training. He reciprocates their efforts by providing tailored guidance and support, emphasizing the importance of athletes describing their training experiences accurately.

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