Since 2014

About Us

“The power of community to create health is far greater than any physician, clinic or hospital”


our community

Join like-minded individuals who hold themselves to the highest standard. Everyone is extremely encouraging and you can be assured that we have your back.

our gym

Fully equipped with world renowned European manufactured equipment, Elevate is the go to gym for athletes who are invested in a optimal training environment.

Coupled along with a wide range of kettlebells and dumbbells, strength athletes from all walks of life can enjoy the functionality of the gym.

Additionally, two dedicated deadlift platforms, adjustable benches and a concept 2 rowing machine to complete the entire set up.

our founders

Elevate Barbell Club is founded by powerlifting enthusiasts turned competitive athletes. One of our founders, Clinton Lee, is ranked number 2 in the U74kg weight category internationally and has more than 30 records under his belt.

As athletes, we believe in holding excellence to the highest standard and that everyone has the ability to become the strongest version of them self through strength training.

Our mission is to help people breakdown the barriers towards starting strength training and learning how to use it to strengthen all aspects of their life beyond the weight room.

That regardless of when you start, you can become strong!